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Expansion. To renovate an abandoned 4,000 sq. ft. facility and convert it into a community fitness/martial arts/meditation center.  Expansion into the new space allows us to double our program capacity and provide more space for community purposes.

The building we are renovating has been sitting vacant for decades, yet the demands for community programs and spaces have never been higher for southwest Baltimore. COR is one of the few programs (you can count on your hands) that serve the children of southwest Baltimore. There are no recreation centers in our immediate neighborhood of Pigtown. COR serves not only as an afterschool program, but also as a recreational outlet, a safe haven, and a community hub.  


The property we are developing is an abandoned fire house building we acquired from the City of Baltimore. It has been vacant for decades. It is bare to the brick inside with only an existing second floor structure. We have repaired existing leaks on the roof. Currently, our work is now focused on the internal structure; framing, utilities, drywall, flooring, and decoration.


10 reasons why should you invest in COR


Fundraiser outcomes

Doubled program capacity: 25 kids to 50 kids

In our current space, our after school program capacity is 25 children. We were at capacity within one week of starting the program in October 2013. With the expansion into the new space we will be able to enroll an additional 25 children.

Larger space for community meeting

As a part of the 300 Men March, an anti-violence initiative, we hold community planning meetings solely for community input. Our past meetings have exceeded even our meeting capacity, leaving standing room only along the walls. We have had as many as 85 people in our planning meetings. In our new space we will be able to accommodate over 150 people comfortably.

Neighborhood aesthetics

Our new property is the last abandoned building on the block. All other buildings on each side and adjacent are developed. This building has sat vacant for years, unpainted with plywood on the windows. It is a well known building; a pre-existing firehouse. We add tremendous intrinsic value to the neighborhood by converting vacant structures into community centers. 

Access to health and wellness activities

There are no gyms, yoga studios, or recreational centers in our immediate neighborhood. After the renovations are complete, we will have established a combined 10,000 sq ft fitness facility offering exercise training, martial arts, yoga, meditation classes, and other movement arts. This will be one of the largest fitness facilities in Baltimore, and is operated as a nonprofit ensuring access to all members of the community.

"WE must fund the change we wish to see in the world" - Munir Bahar

Help us. Not to make you feel good, or to make us feel good. Help us if you believe in our mission and you understand the value of our methods.

Remember, WE the volunteers, invest first. This is a volunteer led organization. We supply the time, money, and creativity to manage our programs. We are seeking your support to help us continue. We invite you to join our legacy, the COR Legacy.